Civil Litigation

Ocean County Specialist

Types of matters:

  • Consumer Fraud Act
  • Contractors
  • Auto Dealers
  • Contract Disputes
  • Commercial Lease litigation
  • Collection/seizure of debtor assets

Our firm has handled a variety of matters with clients in the following industries: doctors, real estate investors, real estate brokers, realtors, franchisees of major chains; accountants; hair salons; tanning salons; nail salons; dog groomers; veterinarians; raw material suppliers; restaurants; car dealers; bowling centers; caterers; trucking companies; heavy equipment wholesalers; heavy equipment rental companies; heavy equipment repair facilities; Contractors (General contractors, framers, masons, plumbers, electricians, home improvements, pool installations, pool service, well drillers, sprinkler installers, and landscapers ); marinas and marine mechanics. We strive to understand our clients' businesses and are ready to assist when various legal issues arise.